Melinex Plastic – The Gold Standard Food Safe Plastic

If you’re looking for food safe plastics for your packaging or handling applications, Melinex plastic may be right for your needs.

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Safety should always be a top consideration when selecting materials for any project. However, it’s an especially vital part of any project that involves the food and beverage industry. Plastics offer a quality option for food packaging and handling surfaces, but not every material within this category provides the safe qualities needed in these settings. There are strict industry regulations in place to protect consumers from potential hazards. So food manufacturers, packagers, and handlers all need to understand what materials and qualities to prioritize to maintain safety and compliance. 

Melinex offers a variety of high performance qualities across numerous industries, but it’s especially powerful in many food applications. Here’s a guide for any businesses that need food safe plastic materials. 

What is Melinex Plastic?

Melinex is a specific type of polyester PET plastic film. Melinex is actually a brand name; the product is produced by DuPont Teijin Films. However, the name is often used interchangeably with polyester PET plastic films in general. So you may hear it used in reference to either the name or the entire product category.

There are several powerful properties that Melinex plastic is well known for, including optical clarity and versatility. Specifically Melinex can present as amorphous or crystalline, depending on the needs of each specific application. It can also come in a variety of finishes, though it is most often used with a clear and glossy finish. There are even anti-fog and anti-glare properties available in many products and grades, along with additives to promote adhesion or printing when necessary. 

Melinex is also notable because of its strength. Even very thin pieces of film are quite impact and puncture resistant. The material can also hold up well in environments with direct exposure to heat. The film does not shrink, change its chemical structure, or emit any harmful fumes or materials when exposed to heat or extreme temperature shifts. So it is well suited for a huge array of environments and use cases in the food industry and beyond. 

How Is This Product Used in Food Applications?

Melinex plastic is often utilized in packaging applications, both in and out of the food service industry. Its unique chemical structure allows it to work in a huge array of packaging categories, from stiff containers that hold delicate pieces in place to flexible film that provides a soft layer of protection between products and the outside world. 

One of the main features that makes Melinex such a popular choice for food packaging is its impact strength. Food products require an extremely strong barrier to prevent contaminants from getting inside. Many food products also require an airtight seal to prevent products from escaping. 

Heat resistance is another quality that makes Melinex a top choice for certain types of food protection. Since it does not break down, melt, or release harmful materials when heated, it is often chosen for applications where packaging may need to go into a microwave or oven, like those used for quick, pre-made meals. These convenience foods are a staple in many households, so utilizing safe materials that can easily be heated is an essential element for today’s food companies. 

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In addition to the actual packaging, Melinex plastic is often used as a coating or substrate over food boxes to increase durability and provide a glossy appearance. This layer of protection can increase the shelf life of various products by preventing damage to the containers. 

Certain types of Melinex plastic are approved for food applications and able to meet industry regulations set by the FDA and USDA. These regulations require that any material used in packaging or food handling equipment doesn’t leach any chemicals or harmful materials into the food items. So these specific grades are approved as food safe materials, providing peace of mind for packaging companies and food manufacturers that their operations will maintain compliance with these important industry standards. 

What Should I Know When Selecting Melinex Plastic for Food Applications?

Since Melinex plastic has such a wide range of applications through numerous industries, not all products are approved for use with food applications. When searching for materials, make sure you’re purchasing Melinex in grades that are FDA and USDA certified. They should be marked or labeled as such. But check with your plastics supplier to be certain. 

Working with a knowledgeable Melinex plastic supplier can help you find the right grades and forms of this powerful material for all your food related applications. They can also help you customize materials by cutting film rolls to the specific lengths needed for your needs or even customizing plastics further so they’re ready for use in packaging or other projects. This reduces steps, which isn’t just beneficial for keeping operations efficient. It can also reduce handling errors that may lead to contamination or damage. 

If your company needs food safe materials for packaging or handling solutions, contact PolymerFilms to learn more about Melinex and other options. We stock a huge inventory of high performance plastics that meet stringent industry regulations and requirements for packaging, food service, and various other industries. Additionally, our knowledgeable team can help you identify the top materials and conversion services to suit your needs. If you’re ready to learn more about Melinex film and other food safe options, visit our website to request a free consultation today.

Melinex Plastic – The Gold Standard Food Safe Plastic
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