Graphic and Print Plastic Film – Polycarbonate vs. Polyester

If you need plastic film for graphic and print projects, there are two main material options — polycarbonate and polyester. This type of large display format film can help businesses and organizations share marketing, branding, or promotional messages on a large scale. Whether you want to create outdoor signage or large graphics for retail spaces […]

Plastic Film For Printed Electronics

Printed electronics refers to any electronic devices that are created by printing onto various materials. Generally, this includes the use of carbon-based compounds printed onto flexible materials like plastic films. There are a variety of substances that can serve as the base for these devices, which fall into the category of plastic film for printed […]

Product Highlight Series: PPG TESLIN® Synthetic Material

Product Highlight Series NOW AVAILABLE Did you know that not all paper products are necessarily made out of paper? Instead, they may be synthetic material: products that are known to have a paper-like feel but are produced from plastic material. PolymerFilms is excited to offer one of the leading brands in synthetic paper: PPG TESLIN® synthetic substrate. TESLIN […]

Product Highlight Series: reflex™ Hardcoated PET

Product Highlight Series NOW AVAILABLE When it comes to offering providing you with reliable and high quality material, PolymerFilms is focused on providing you with winning plastic film solutions that can face any challenging application. reflex™ Hardcoated PET film is a high performance PET (polyester) film with a high quality coating. reflex™ Hardcoated films are the […]

Product Highlight Series: MYLAR® PET Film

Product Highlight Series NOW AVAILABLE When it comes to delivering superior results, PolymerFilms is focused on providing you with winning plastic film solutions for impact, freshness, and convenience.  MYLAR® film is a high performance, longer lasting, and versatile PET (polyester) film. MYLAR® packaging film is the preferred choice for any food and beverage product that is fresh or frozen […]

Product Highlight Series: LEXAN™ HP92AF Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Film

Product Highlight Series Now Available With the demand for high quality PPE safety equipment continuously on the rise these days, SABIC, introduces LEXAN™ HP92AF anti-fog film. LEXAN HP92AF material is a polycarbonate film that is coated on one side with low moisture absorption in high humid environments, allowing the material to sustain its optical clarity. […]

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