Plastic Films for the Transportation Industry

Plastic films can be used in many applications across the transportation industry. These materials are commonly found in mass transit vehicles like busses and trains, aerospace applications, and even RVs.  Plastics used in this industry must display a number of high-performance qualities in order to suit the unique needs of mass transit systems and other […]

PolymerFilms in the Secure ID Industry

Today’s businesses need to take on-site security very seriously. There are an array of threats, both physical and digital, that may impact both safety and proprietary or sensitive data. However, businesses also need to consider security measures that still allow easy access for employees and other stakeholders who actually need to complete tasks in protected […]

Emerging Industry: Plastics for Car Charging Ports, EV Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common in markets across the country. In fact, consumer spending on electric vehicles increased by 50 percent from 2019 to 2020 to $120 billion. And the industry has been gradually growing for the past several years, with even more expansion predicted in 2021 and beyond. It is essential to use high […]

Medical Devices – Plastic Films Supplier

Any supplies used in the medical field need to meet high quality and safety standards, along with strict industry regulations. There are a variety of plastics that fill important needs in this space due to their customizability and high-performance properties and a plastic films supplier can help you. Specifically, plastic films are commonly used in […]

HDPE vs. PVC: Attributes and Applications

HDPE and PVC are some of the most highly used plastics and plastic films. They are frequently used in the same industries, but they offer different advantages. If you must decide between HDPE vs PVC, the basic facts about each of these plastics may make the difference. HDPE Attributes and Applications HDPE films, or high-density […]

LEXAN™ Film Distributors: Demand is Higher Than Ever

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has eased up somewhat in North America, the demand for LEXAN™ film distributors remains higher than ever.

From using it to cover frequently touched items that must be regularly sanitized to developing passports for the recent increase in travel, LEXAN film is used for many additional purposes today.

Plastic Films for Large Format/Graphic Print Purposes

Many different types of Plastic Films for Large Format / Graphic Print purposes. With locations throughout North America and a wide variety of capabilities and technologies, our experienced team works with an array of plastic films for these industries.

Flying to New Heights with Plastics For Aerospace

Flying to New Heights With Plastics For Aerospace Compliant. Lightweight. High Performance. There are a variety of reasons for using plastics for aerospace applications, particularly airplanes; the industry requires substrates that are high performance, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to convert. Plastic film substrates also offer a broad range of design flexibility in terms of color, […]

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