Looking For A Clear Plastic Film? Here Are Your Options

Plastic films come in a variety of colors, finishes, and levels of transparency. There are plenty of applications that require opaque or translucent film, but clear plastic film can be especially popular for a variety of use cases.  Generally, clear plastic film provides a protective layer or unique finish that doesn’t visually obstruct the material […]

Plastic Film Cutting: How To Choose The Best Company

Plastic films can be supplied in various sizes and forms to suit each project or organizational need. Though you can purchase stock films without any customizations, a plastic film cutting service can increase efficiency and reduce waste within your operations.  When produced, films are generally organized into master reels, which are large rolls that can […]

A Guide to Film Converting Capabilities

With such a massive number of applications for plastics, it’s no wonder that most firms require film converting capabilities or customization services to ensure that film products are well suited to meet their specific needs.  For reference, most stock film products come on master reels, which are large rolls of film that can be unraveled […]

Teflon™ & Tefzel™ Chemours Film: Attributes and Applications

The Chemours Company is a leading global provider of performance chemicals,  offering a wide array of products and solutions for companies across industries. Plastic film is one of their main offerings.  Two of the most popular plastic film products offered are Chemours Teflon™ Brand Industrial Products and Chemours Tefzel™ Brand Industrial Products. These two fluoropolymer […]

Melinex Plastic – The Gold Standard Food Safe Plastic

If you’re looking for food safe plastics for your packaging or handling applications, Melinex plastic may be right for your needs. Safety should always be a top consideration when selecting materials for any project. However, it’s an especially vital part of any project that involves the food and beverage industry. Plastics offer a quality option […]

Capabilities of an ID Card Manufacturer

Around the world, Secure ID cards are an important part of everyday life. Their importance is only being elevated by new high-tech features and capabilities. Throughout the lifespan of these cards, quality materials are needed to protect users’ information and secure access capabilities. That’s where plastic films for secure ID card manufacturing often play an […]

Product Comparison: Acrylic vs. HDPE

Both acrylic and HDPE plastic film offer many high performance properties to companies in a wide array of industries. They share some of the same qualities, including general durability and customizability. However, they also have many differences.  Understanding the differences of acrylic vs HDPE can help you make more informed decisions regarding your own plastic […]

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