Tedlar® Film for the Medical and Transportation Industry

Both the medical field and transportation industry have strict requirements and regulations to ensure public safety. This means that companies in these industries must use extreme care and partner with trusted suppliers of products such as tedlar film to ensure compliance and serve their markets effectively. More specifically, medical devices and packaging often face testing […]

Medical Grade Film

Extreme care is necessary when manufacturing products or materials for use in the medical industry. There are strict regulations in place to protect consumers’ health and safety. And companies need to use the highest quality materials available, such as medical polycarbonate film, to provide value to the public and gain a competitive advantage in this […]

Security ID Cards Supplier

When you look at your driver’s license or credit card, you may think it’s made of just a single piece of plastic. However, these cards are often comprised of multiple layers of very thin plastic film that are bound together to create a single card. This is where a security ID cards supplier comes into play. […]

What To Look For in a LEXAN Film Supplier

What to Look For in a LEXAN™ Film Supplier A quality LEXAN™ film supplier can give your business or organization a competitive advantage.  Most companies that utilize plastic film materials already know about the powerful properties of LEXAN polycarbonate film. The immense strength of this material makes it a perfect choice for applications that require […]

Competitive Advantage: Customizability for Your Project or Program

Competitive Advantage: Customizability for Your Project Plastic films offer tons of practical and aesthetic benefits for a wide array of industries. But most users cannot fully enjoy the many uses of these materials if they only have access to stock sizes, grades, and finishes.  Luckily, there are plenty of customization options available to make it […]

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