Attributes and Applications: Polyester Film

Polyester film is a type of plastic polymer that offers an array of characteristics, making it incredibly versatile for a wide variety of applications. This material isn’t just available in sheets and fibers either; it can also be stretched into a thin film that provides tons of potential benefits in a number of industries.  If […]

Attributes and Applications – Binding Film

Binding film is a type of plastic material that can provide protective and visual benefits to a wide array of books, paper products, and marketing materials. This substance has a long history in the book binding industry. And it has since evolved to provide benefits to companies and users beyond that space.  If you’re interested […]

Dry Film Adhesives: Attributes and Applications

Plastic film, such as dry film adhesives, are an incredibly versatile option for adding protective coatings over various surfaces. There are several different options to choose from within this category. Some users choose films based on a specific material and its attributes. But in other cases, the way that the material is applied is more […]

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