Hilarious Traffic Jams

Hilarious Traffic Jams

Traffic jams that are so unbelievable, you have to see it for yourself!

Traffic jams – the one thing nobody likes. While most people are filled with aggravation and anxiety, there are some that stop to take it all in.

Whether you’re stuck in a jam yourself for just need a good laugh, check out some of these incredibly ridiculous traffic jam photos that may just make you grateful for your own commute.

Bad things come to those who rush

the-brand-guy (Pinterest)

They always say separate the artwork from the artist and that’s exactly what the driver did here. While the truck says one thing, the driver ironically decided to do the complete opposite. It seems that he thought going under the bridge would’ve saved time, but now people are stuck in traffic and the truck is totally damaged. Can you say awkward?

Red lights, stop signs...

loricasegmentata (Reddit)

This one may take a little explaining…

This poor pedestrian is such a rule follower they didn’t realize the sign was being directed to vehicles, not people. Rumor has it, she’s still waiting for the light to turn green… Has anyone checked in on her?

An accident we can't LEGO®

monacom (Imgur)

A child’s dream and an adult’s nightmare: a bunch of LEGOs all over the road! While we’re definitely intrigued by what caused all of this, there’s one thing we do know – you don’t want to be barefoot on this road! (Heck, your tires may even be in danger too!)

The day E.T. forgot Elliott's bike

NiTenilchiRyu420 (Imgur)

If you want to make sure aliens don’t invade the planet, make them experience an afternoon on the 405. Our pals in the photo above are most likely already regretting their decisions and are surely looking forward to getting back to their planet ASAP.

Some light reading

kerimcclain (Reddit)

A chance to escape the real world and maybe go somewhere where traffic doesn’t exist… If only that was truly possible.

No time to build a snowman

boredpanda (Pinterest)

If you saw this… um, fiasco, on your car you’d probably take some time to clear it off. It sure would make driving in (already) dangerous conditions a lot easier! However, it seems like these people had places to be so who cares about the safety of others as long as this car gets to where it’s going, right? *rolling our eyes*

A determined bus go-er

knightsofvalour (Reddit)


Once again, we see someone in a rush to get somewhere (let’s be honest, that’s how most traffic is, right?) Like most buses, this bus was on a schedule and wasn’t waiting for late-comers, but our friend here didn’t let it stop her.

She grabbed on the back and held on like an action star in a Michael Bay movie. Not only are we impressed with her strength and determination, we’re left wondering what can’t this woman do?!

A despicable accident

129rrt (Imgur)

It looks like one of Gru’s minions got away and can’t seem to get back up! Whether you find these little (or in this case big) creatures cute or annoying, there’s no question a situation like this one is created some chaotic traffic. Hopefully someone has Disney on speed dial!

Summer state of mind

boredpanda (Pinterest)

When this person bought their Convertable, they knew they weren’t going to just drive it for half of the year then leave it to collect dust during Winter. Hey, we’re with you guy. But you do realize one of the conveniences of having a Convertable is the mobile top that can go up (for example, during a huge snowstorm) and down… right?

Stress relief on the go!


Ok – this is one we can get behind. There’s no question traffic easily makes us mad. And we can tell this guy has been in his fair share of traffic jams because he’s got it figured out. Go out, buy a cheap roll of bubble wrap, and next time you get stuck in an interstate parking lot, pull that baby out and feel your anger go away with each pop.

An elephan-tastic view


This is definitely something that is pretty uncommon for anyone’s day-to-day commute, no matter where you live.

It looks like they know how to follow the One Way road signs and doesn’t seem that they’re doing any harm… However, it’s still in everyone’s interest to stay in their vehicles and let these giant animals do their thing.

Swinging through traffic


Some people have an emergency first aid kit, others have emergency jumper cables… This guy proved why we should all have an emergency hammock. Because no matter how bad life is, it’s really hard to stay mad when you’re chillin’ in a hammock.

Detour on Rainbow Road

nerd board (Pinterest)

Anyone who’s played Mario Kart has most likely gotten lost on the route once or twice… It looks like this bunch got seriously side tracked. While most likely dangerous, there’s no arguing that it would be fun to see (and even participate in)!

A casually cruel sign

MyLawyerMadeMeChangeThisUsernameSoIWouldn'tGetSued (Imgur)

We saw the sign… but it didn’t quite open up our eyes. In fact, if we saw this in person, I don’t think we’d be very happy. Maybe it’d be one of those “funny stories later” situation?

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Hilarious Traffic Jams
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