IS The Price Right?

Is The Price Right?

Items people are selling that they probably shouldn't be selling...

Online marketplaces have made it extremely easy for people to offer/sell any items they don’t want to virtually anyone! And while extremely convenient, people sometimes post some really strange listings for some really absurd prices.

Warning: These posts are very real. As ridiculous as it may seem, people put these up on Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, OfferUp…. If there was a chance to sell it, they tried.

The World's Thinnest and Lightest Phone Yet!

The woman selling her phone couldn’t take a photo of the phone because she was using the phone to take a photo (phew, what a tongue twister!)

All in all, these photos are useless. You can an idea for dimensions, but besides the listing saying “LG Phone” you have no idea what you’re actually buying… if anything! 

A deal so good, we can hardly breathe

If you needed to take a double take on that listing, don’t feel bad… We did too. Yep, this person is trying to sell a bag of air for one hefty price. Now maybe this would be a steal if we were in a futuristic world where Oxygen was hard to come by… But as far as we know, that isn’t the case (please let us know if we missed something in the news).

We are trying to figure out what the person was really trying to do when they posted this listing… Idk, maybe it’s some special organic air?

Food so cute it's worth $2,000!

We loooove food shaped food – who doesn’t?! A seller claimed this popcorn kernel looks exactly like a giraffe, and thus thought such a rare jewel of a product was worth so much. Others argued it looked more like a poodle. We see neither. Regardless of what shape you see, it doesn’t quite validate the asking price of $2,000. 

IS The Price Right?
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