High Performance Electronics Plastics

The printed electronics industry has provided many unique benefits to consumers and businesses in nearly every other field that utilizes small electronic components. The materials used in this field have paved the way for new technological innovations, like devices that rely on responsive touch. They also improve product functionality, make the manufacturing process more efficient, and reduce production related waste. 

In order to achieve all these benefits, companies that produce printed electronics need plastic films that meet specific high performance requirements. In fact, choosing the right components and substrates in printed electronics can help devices meet the exact technical requirements to fit within larger systems or perform well in certain environments. For example, mobile devices often require films that are incredibly thin and lightweight, since consumers require devices that are easy to transport. electronic components that are near wiring or heat sources often require extra temperature stability. 

There’s a huge array of plastics that can suit various applications within the electronics industry,some requiring  materials with extra performance benefits. That’s where high performance electronics plastics come into play. Here’s a guide to these materials and how they provide extra benefits to companies in the electronics industry and beyond. 

What Are High Performance Electronics Plastics?

There is an extensive variety of plastics that can be used in electronics applications like membrane switches and overlays. Some popular materials within this industry include PBT, PET, and LEXAN polycarbonate. While these options suit a variety of applications incredibly well, there are some instances that require specific high performance features beyond what these general use plastics can offer. 

Luckily, there are high performance electronics plastics that are able to fill these needs. These high performance films typically meet higher requirements than basic commodity and engineering films. The specific material makeup and features vary. Plastics like PET and polycarbonate may still be used, but they may come in specialized grades or with extra finishing properties to improve their usability in the electronics industry or other specific use cases. In general, high performance electronics plastics is a term used to describe a full category of plastics built with high performance details in mind. 

What Are the Benefits of High Performance Electronics Plastics?

Since the specific features of high performance plastic films vary based on the needs of the application, there is a wide array of benefits to consider. These advantages can vary widely depending on your industry and use cases. Some common standards within this category of plastic films include greater stability at different temperatures, extra resistance to various chemical compounds, and significantly better mechanical properties.

Though these features can apply to plastic films used in a number of industries, the feature that is often most useful and applicable to firms in the electronics field is temperature stability. Plastic films used in printed electronics and similar applications must be able to hold their shape and makeup, and avoid melting or creating smoke or toxic fumes when exposed to heat from exposed wires or other energy sources. 

The ability for plastic film to perform at higher temperatures or in various environments makes the material more versatile. In fact, the impact of high performance electronics plastics reaches across industries, since such a wide selection of firms utilize electronics in their own applications. For example, automotive companies frequently  integrate electronic screens and devices into their dashboards, while retail companies utilize the technology in kiosks and displays. 

What Should You Know When Choosing a Supplier for High Performance Electronics Plastics? 

No matter what type of plastic film you’re looking for, it’s important to have a supplier that works with industry leading manufacturers to ensure that your firm gets the highest quality options available for your needs.  This is especially important when it comes to high performance electronics plastics, as the added performance benefits of these materials can make a huge impact on the safety and viability of your end products. If the materials don’t provide the temperature stability and other high performance features needed for your application, the film may melt, burn, or otherwise change its structure when the heat energy starts flowing. 

Additionally, it’s often beneficial to go with a supplier that offers a large inventory of plastic film materials. Access to various plastics can help you get access to the options that most closely suit the needs of your particular applications and use cases. High performance plastic films encompass a huge array of features and qualities. The more products and materials a supplier has access to, the better the chances of one or more options meeting your specific industry requirements. 

It is important to look for providers that can provide fast, responsive service from local teams who have knowledge and experience related to the electronics field. This allows  them to provide valuable insights and add-on services to ensure your material selections and customization options truly suit your company’s needs. 

PolymerFilms offers all these benefits and more. We source high performance electronics plastics from industry leading manufacturers, providing enhanced features for various applications like printed electronics, circuits, and membrane switches. Our team has the expertise and extensive inventory necessary to support your operations and ensure you get the high performance features required for this industry. To learn more about the options or request materials, visit our website to find your local facility