Polycarbonate (PC) film is an amorphous thermoplastic material that is known to be tough, impact-resistant, and virtually unbreakable for numerous applications.

Markets / Industries: Packaging, Industrial Films and Adhesives, Point of Purchase, Appliances, Handheld / Large Format Display

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Product Description

Polycarbonate (PC) film is an amorphous thermoplastic material that is known to be tough, impact-resistant, and virtually unbreakable for numerous applications. PolymerFilms is the leading North American distributor of the most commonly recognized polycarbonate film brands, LEXAN™, from the world-leading producer, SABIC.  It is offered in a variety of textures which includes gloss, velvet, matte, and suede. High-performance PC coated films are scratch-resistant and can be enhanced with available weather resistance and flame retardent grades.


Polycarbonate is 20x stronger than acrylic and retains its physical properties over a greater range of temperatures; PC film is also an outstanding choice for glass, with over 200x the strength. Besides its high-temperature resistance, LEXAN polycarbonate film has superb workability for secondary processes such as die-cutting, embossing, and thermoforming. Additional unique properties include chemical resistance, anti-fog capabilities, engineering properties, excellent dimensional stability, and electrical properties. Polycarbonate is often the preferred choice for applications in the Graphics / Print industry, but works well for many other applications as well. Other uses include: interior automotive applications, security & ID card films, touchscreen films, printed electronics, medical packaging, outdoor labels, and more.

Common Polycarbonate Applications

  • Automotive applications
  • Secure & ID card films
  • Touchscreen films
  • Printed electronics
  • Medical packaging
  • Outdoor labels
  • Faceshields 
  • Safety helmets
  • Compact discs
  • Power tools
  • Appliance housings
  • Window glazing
  • Doors
  • Sunglasses

Product Options

Available Gauges

.001mm – .030mm

Available Forms

Sheet, Roll

Conversion Abilities





Custom Packaging & Labeling


Red, Dark Yellow, Blue, Bronze, Gray, Black, White, Clear

Finishes / Textures

Polish / Polish

Velvet / Gloss

Gloss / Gloss

Velvet / Matte

Matte / Matte

No Mask

Polycarbonate Properties

Extreme impact resistance

Great light transmittance

Optical clarity

Excellent puncture resistance

Heat sealable


Can be easily molded

Good dimensional stability

Good creep resistance

Poor scratch resistance

Poor UV resistance

As a LEXAN Polycarbonate film distributor, PolymerFilms stocks PC film in sheet and roll form with a variations of textures, coatings, finishes, and grades in a range of gauges. Did you know PolymerFilms offers an array of converting services? Our state of the art facilities saves you time and money by allowing us to custom cut to size orders and are dedicated to providing you best-in-class customer service and convenience. 

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