PPG TESLIN® Synthetic Material

PPG TESLIN® / thermal laminate material is a unique synthetic paper formulated with a microporous polyolefin/ silica matrix that absorbs and creates bonds with inks, adhesives, coatings, and laminating films.

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Product Description

TESLIN® / Thermal Laminate material is a unique synthetic paper formulated with a microporous polyolefin/ silica matrix that absorbs and creates bonds with inks, adhesives, coatings, and laminating films. TESLIN synthetic substrate is manufactured by PPG, a global supplier of coatings, paint, and specialty materials. It is offered in a variety of grades to meet your specific applications and printing processes requirements. TESLIN substrate is known for its excellent lamination qualities and durability, making it a preferred choice for print projects, along with other applications that require a tough and high-performance synthetic material. These exclusive properties make TESLIN synthetic material an ideal solution for the Graphics / Print and Security Credentials / ID Cards industries.

TESLIN synthetic is in a class of its own because it offers a unique set of characteristics and properties. TESLIN synthetic material is most commonly used for applications such as labels, identification cards and documents, certificates and diplomas, e-passports, laminated cards and key tags, and more.

TESLIN substrate is known for its exceptional adhesive and bonding properties, along with its ability to be water, abrasion, chemical, and solvent resistant. Unlike other synthetic materials, the characteristics that make up its durability allow the synthetic material to face many harsh environments or punishing applications.

TESLIN synthetic material makes printed text and graphics virtually indestructible because the substrate has a microporous structure that absorbs and locks in inks, toners, adhesives, and laminates. This unique matrix leads to the reproduction of crisp and vibrant colors and enables the structure to form powerful bonds with laminate film, eliminating any need for edge-sealing and allowing any special die-cutting abilities.

TESLIN synthetic material can also be duplex- and dual-surface printed with high-quality graphics, digital photos, bar codes, and micro text.

TESLIN also works with offset, flexographic, thermal transfer, laser, inkjet, and screen technologies. Additionally, it does not require any unique inks or special drying equipment, unlike many other synthetic papers.

TESLIN synthetic substrate provides multi-dimensional strength and extensive service life for laminated print products. Its bonds to laminating are 10x stronger than other synthetic substrates, avoiding the need for edge seals and adhesives. It can also easily be die-cut to any shape.

TESLIN substrate is easy to authenticate, hard to duplicate, and is durable and long-lasting, giving it safety features that make it a perfect material for security credentials. TESLIN synthetic substrate is inherently tamper-evident. Its absorption of inks and toners create a virtually indestructible printed surface. Its adhesive bond to other materials resists mechanical separation so that when it is is altered or the bond is broken, the material permanently distorts. The material also provides valuable cushioning that protects embedded components, and it exhibits lower dielectric constant, making it static-dissipative.

TESLIN® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Product Applications

  • Print and laminated materials
    •  Waterproof maps
    • Heavy-duty manuals
    • Racing bibs
    • Temporary license plates
    • Wristbands
    • Menus
    • Luggage tags
    • Ultra-durable POP advertising
    • Tags and labels
  • Key tags and cards
    • Loyalty cards
    • Healthcare/insurance cards
    • Library cards
    • Student IDs
    • Membership cards
    • Financial cards
  • Tags and Labels
    • Medical labels
    • In-mold labels
    • Wine and spirit bottle labels
    • Drum, pallet, and shipping labels
    • ID, safety,a and warning labels
    • Blood bag labels
    • Food and beverage packaging labels
    • Nursery and horticulture tags
  • Secure credentials and ID cards
    • National IDs
    • e-Passports
    • Drivers licenses
    • Voter registration cards
    • Birth certificates
    • Visas
    • Social security cards
    • Certificates and diplomas

Product Properties

  • Durable
  • Bondable
  • Printable
  • Water-resistant
  • Microporous
  • Superior strength / tear resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Biodegradable

Product Literature


Polymerfilms_Teslin_PPG Promotional Drum Label_Methanol_8.5×11 promo line






Polymerfilms_Teslin_2856 Teslin ESD Label Testing Report final_Layout 1


Polymerfilms_Teslin_2818_IC Card Durability_12-10

Polymerfilms_Teslin_2811_Electrostatic Dissipation Test_0812


Polymerfilms_Teslin_2730_PPG-TeslinSubstrate_Digital Print Capabilities


Polymerfilms_Teslin_2711_Print applications_sales sheet_ES



Polymerfilms_Teslin_2660_Teslin-BS5609-for-GHS-label-stock_SP700PR with TSP-1_data sheet

Polymerfilms_Teslin_2650_Teslin-General-Purpose REMOVEABLE Label Stock_SP700_TGR

Polymerfilms_Teslin_2640_Teslin-Ultimate-Bond-Label-Stock_SP700 with TB64_data sheet

Polymerfilms_Teslin_2630_Teslin-General-Purpose-label-stock_SP700 with TPAT_data sheet

Polymerfilms_Teslin_2502_PPG_TESLIN_Product and Application Overview_ES

Polymerfilms_Teslin_2500_PPG_TESLIN_Product and Application Overview_EN

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