Handheld/Large Format Display

Handheld/Large Format Display

Handheld/Large Format Display

With the fast-paced environment and constant changes seen in electronic device trends, handheld and large format displays needs materials that allow them to be slimmer, lighter, and capable of standing up to aggressive usage. With the increase in usage of these products, there is a higher level of protection that is absolutely necessary for these products. Constant daily use requires these applications to have a film that has excellent scratch and chemical resistance, as well as improved clarity, glare reduction, and greater light transmission. PolymerFilms’ has an extensive portfolio of specialty films and hardcoats that are perfect for the industry. Our plastic films offer increased product longevity, reduction in replacement costs, a cost-effective solution, and a lighter alternative.

Common Handheld / Large Format Display Applications

  • Handheld electronics
  • Smartphones
  • Large-format TVs
    • 4K, UHD
  • Gaming monitors
  • Computer monitors
  • Tablets
  • OLED displays for Lighting applications
  • OLED displays for Automotive applications
  • Medical applications
  • OLED Panels
  • Cover windows
  • Touchscreens
  • Semiconductor applications

Common Materials Seen in Handheld / Large Format Display

  • PET
    • Melinex
  • Vertak (DuPont) Adhesive
  • PC
  • 3M adhesives

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