Secure ID/Cards

Secure ID/Cards

Secure ID/Cards

For most of us, plastic films make up for some of our most important documentation. Whether it’s a national ID that we hold on our person every day, or a more valuable item such as a passport, there’s no question that identity and security cards are becoming a daily resource people heavily rely on. Because they require a greater amount of security, these applications rely on the utmost protective materials that can come together a create a long-lasting and durable ID.

PolymerFilms offers plastic film materials that bear these vital properties, such as, durability, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance, low shrinkage, and more.

As people who rely on the many different forms of Secure ID, we know the types of stress these cards could potentially face. From physical alterations, mistreatment and misuse, and even weather conditions – card manufacturers must deliver the most secure and durable card prepared to face any condition. That’s why we make it our job to ensure that the substrates we provide can withstand any harsh conditions and more.

We know your identity is the most important thing. That’s why we carry only the best substrates for this industry.

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