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Plastic Film Cutting: How To Choose The Best Company

Plastic films can be supplied in various sizes and forms to suit each project or organizational need. Though you can purchase stock films without any customizations, a plastic film cutting service can increase efficiency and reduce waste within your operations.  When produced, films are generally organized into master reels, which are large rolls that can […]

A Guide to Film Converting Capabilities

With such a massive number of applications for plastics, it’s no wonder that most firms require film converting capabilities or customization services to ensure that film products are well suited to meet their specific needs.  For reference, most stock film products come on master reels, which are large rolls of film that can be unraveled […]

Plastic Films for Large Format/Graphic Print Purposes

Many different types of Plastic Films for Large Format / Graphic Print purposes. With locations throughout North America and a wide variety of capabilities and technologies, our experienced team works with an array of plastic films for these industries.

Attributes and Applications: Film for Membrane Touch Switches

Attributes and Applications: Film for Membrane Touch Switches As a leading distributor of plastic film for membrane touch switches, we are proud to offer this product to manufacturers throughout North America. Durable, scratch-resistant, and chemical-resistant film is required to keep these products protected and looking like new for years.These switches are commonly used for custom […]

Plastic Film Distributors: Industry News

Nearly every industry has gone through major changes throughout the past year — and plastic film distributors have certainly seen their fair share of changes. In the plastics industry, one of the biggest changes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an increased demand from consumers in a wide array of industries. But […]

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